• Book Nook
    Book Nook
    Located at the Old Belleveiw Library 6007 SE Earp Rd
  • Non Fiction
    Non Fiction
    are categorized and includes history, medical, region, cookbooks, arts and crafts just to name a few.
  • Children and Young Adults
    Children and Young Adults
    Many of our books in this section may not be current but are timeless. And how nice it'll be to share with your children literature that you yourself read as a child!
  • Fiction Room
    Fiction Room
    The books are alphabetized, and priced at a mere fraction of the original price.
  • Meetings
    Our Meetings are every 3rd Tuesday of the Month, with a guest speaker.


Business Hours

Thursday 10:00 Am – 2:00 Pm

Friday 10:00 Am – 2:00 Pm

Saturday 10:00 Am – 2:00 Pm

Except Holidays


Friends has been in existence since 1988,

Our friendly volunteers are there to answer any questions,

Check out your purchases

And provide package take out if needed.

All these Sales we have our popular ``BUY THE BAG`` sale. Fill a large supermarket bag with items from the bargain room for $2.00. You will also find many other specials at the sale.

The Book Nook

is located in the Old Belleview Library building at 6007 SE Earp Road. Over 4,000 square foot of air conditioned/heated space with tables and chairs for comfortable shopping.


Good, Clean books, tapes, CD's, DVD's, audio books and magazines are welcome and can be dropped off during business hours or left at the Belleview Library for pick up. Your donations are essential to the success of the Book Nook and our funding for Belleview Library.
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Fiction Room

Books are shelved, alphabetically an priced at a mere fraction of the original price.

Non Fiction

is categorized and includes history, medical, religion, cookbooks, arts and crafts, sports, how to books, classics, business, finance, War, coffee table books and gardening to name just a few.


There is also a children’s and young adult section and magazines at a dollar a dozen. A handicap ramp for your convince and a book drop for when we are closed.

Our book sales can be the stuff you dream about, for both the Friends supporters and book lovers. For our book lovers each sale offers an array of books from cookbooks, mystery novels, or just plain and simple how to books.

But on a different note there are some of us who approach library books sales just a little different. Some of our fellow shoppers will snatch Tom Clancy, Julia Childs and Sue Graffton books off the table, some will stroll the crowded aisles scanning the book spine for qualities that set their hearts a shutter.

For more information please call the Book Nook at 245-2767, Belleview Libary at: 438-2500 or just visit the Book Nook on the above days and hours.